The PIXEL project has presented/attended so far at the following conferences:


15/18-April-2019. IEEE 5th World Forum on Internet of Things. Limerick, Ireland

Participants: Carlos Palau (UPV) 

You can find all information regarding the conference at the webpage and the PIXEL presentation here

3/4-April-2019. CSA Mid-Term Conference. Trieste, Italy

Participants: Benjamin Molina (UPV), Joao Costa (XLAB), Flavio Fuart (XLAB), Dejan Stepec (XLAB), Stefano Bevilacqua (ASPM), Tamara Cosano (SDAG), Manuel Devescovi (INSIEL)

You can find the agenda here and the PIXEL presentation here for day 3. Agenda for day 4 here and the PIXEL presentation here

6/7-March-2019. TEN-T Atlantic Corridor Working Group meeting. Lisbon, Portugal

Participants: Ignacio Lacalle (UPV), Michel Le Van Kiem (GPMB)

You can find the draft agenda here and the PIXEL presentation here.


10-15 Dec-2018. Annual Faculty of Medicine Celebration Days

Participants: Luka traven (MEDRI)

You can find the agenda here and the PIXEL presentation here.You can see more info here.

27/28-Nov-2018. FIWARE Global Summit. Malaga, Spain

Participants: Marc Despland (ORA)

You can download the PIXEL presentation here.

6-Nov-2018. CID ALICE - New Global Routes: OBOR. Athens

Participants: Ignacio Lacalle (UPV)

You can find the agenda here and the PIXEL presentation here. Alice entry is here.

29/30-Oct-2018. Docks The Future Workshops with Experts. Port of Leixões, Oporto

Participants: Joao Costa (XLAB), Miguel Angel Llorente (PRO), Aristos Halatsis (CERTH)

You can see the DocksTheFuture entry here.