During the outbreak, PIXEL analysed altogether with the EC representative (appointed to the project) the possibility of introducing a new pilot in the project addressed to help maritime ports to improve prevention and management of pandemic situation.

Several options were analysed, and after a thorough observation of PIXEL traits and ports’ needs due to the pandemic, a new task was devised to be included as a PIXEL pilot. The proposed pilot relates to an enhancement of the PAS model results (already available by PIXEL) to be deployed in the Port of Monfalcone.

The Port of Monfalcone is interested on evaluating how the COVID-19 social distancing measures can be introduced in the pilot as a tool to monitor the density of workers in the port, with potential for port operators to manage their operations.

For the extrapolation to other ports, actual actions in the port may be changes in shift plans for personnel and machinery so that the work would be redefined to minimise social aggregation at different areas of the port, therefore decreasing contact and virus spread among workers. This is not the scope in this pilot considering the time restrictions before finalising the project.

The technological achievement of this plan will be two-fold beneficial:

  • It will help one European port to better cope with COVID-associated social distancing restrictions
  • It will serve to demonstrate the flexibility of PIXEL as a platform, allowing the agile integration of new services on-demand

Involved PIXEL ports: Port of Monfalcone