The PIXEL Advisory Board (AB) is intended to be a valuable group of experts related to various fields of knowledge that are willing to contribute to the success of the project. The main purpose of this venture is to gain feedback on several matters of the project from an external expert viewpoint.

Selected members of this board will meet regularly with the Consortium throughout the project. At the same time, the Consortium will allow the members to keep track of global advance of the project and to be aware of scientific and industrial discoveries to be reached.

José Manuel PAGÉS SÁNCHEZ - AIVP (International Association Cities and Ports)

As international project manager in AIVP, he is responsible for the development of the AIVP Agenda 2030, co-managing the Port Center Network and the Expert’s Network, and coordinating content on port city community and environmental affairs.

Rafael Socorro - ACCIONA Construcción S.A.
With huge experiencie in ICT innovative solutions for transport fields, Mr. Socorro is expected to provide valuable feedback on PIXEL technology: architecture, visualization tools, top-layer services, data acquisition and business model for the final product.
Lucija Kolar - Complementarium

Mrs. Kolar will provide valued feedback on global flavour of PIXEL outputs (deliverables, external communication, relation with other initiatives), on academic accuracy of procedures and on scalability and future research lines after PIXEL concepts. You can see a short PIXEL interview here.

Charalampos Platias - Greek Ministry of Maritime Affairs

Mr. Platias will provide a different viewpoint for the project. Public administration might play a key role when a solution like PIXEL is finally implemented in a real port. In this sense, alignment with regulation, competences and public athority is expected drawing from his collaboration. This will have a special relevance on Greek ports’ pilots that will be executed in PIXEL (Thessaloniki Port and Piraeus Port). You can see a short PIXEL interview here.

José Manuel García - TIBA and Port of Valencia

Though currently working as CIO at TIBA, Mr. García de la Guía has worked in the Port of Valencia in various managing sectors for more than 15 years. He  is expected to provide very valuable feedback on applicability of PIXEL technology and methodology to Valencia Port. Furhtermore, Mr. García should be able to help PIXEL establishing interesting links with cluster/initiatives about innovative concepts for Mediterranean ports.

Francisco de los Santos - Autoridad Portuaria Bahía Algeciras
Mr de los Santos belongs to Port of Algeciras, a key node for maritime transport in Mediterranean and Atlantic corridor. In this sense, including him into PIXEL Advisory Board could help the Consortium to reach very broad audiences in order to position the solution in a good place to contribute to the ports of the future.
David Bolduc - Alliance Verte (Green Marine) [PAST MEMBER]
Considering his knowledge on environmental certification for ports, Mr. Bolduc’s participation should be focused on helping the consortium in its Port Environmental Index. Furthermore, translating information from the management of environmental impact in American ports can be very valuable for the project.