Port Environmental Index

Knowledge of environmental performance gives the power to improve it

The Port Environmental Index (PEI) is a global quantitative environmental index fed on a variety of data types (including real-time), allowing ports to access the progress of their own environmental performance. This tool enables flexibility and scalability in monitoring environmental performance in real-time through the IoT infrastructure at the port.
Using the complex algorithms developed, the collected data is homogenised and used to calculate the composite indicator which quantifies the environmental performance of the port.

Schema of the product:





1. Ports can have a reliable measure of their environmental footprint and so they can plan actions to reduce it to the desired levels.

1. Facilitating the reduction of the environmental impact of port activities through the direct measurement and modelling capabilities (e.g. greenhouse gases by 15-20%).

2. The environmental efficiency in PEI is segmented by different categories of emissions and pollutants and can be monitored per category.

2. Ports can optimise their use of resources by including the appropriate monitoring parameters of environmental-related activities and act on them.

3. The measurements are valid across ports of all sizes and data infrastructure capabilities, allowing to increment accuracy with better data input.

3. Enhancement of environmental performance planning capabilities to improve the green image of the port and attract new customers.

Keywords: quantitative index, environmental performance, IoT data analytics, meaningful UI.