PIXEL End-to-End IoT Platform

Meet your Port of The Future, environmentally efficient and fit to your budget

PIXEL is a smart, flexible and scalable solution for reducing environmental impacts while enabling the optimization of operations in port ecosystems through IoT.

Big data engine fitting the most demanding data needs of all stakeholders in the maritime industry, modular and flexible, ready for 3rd party integration.

Schema of the product:





1. Adoption of a Port Environmental Index as a global quantitative measure to monitor and act on own environmental footprint.

1. Reduction of environmental impact of port activities (e.g. greenhouse gases for 15-20%).

2. Improvement of logistics through data analytics over waiting time for vessels, on-time performance.

2. Increase of renewables energy uptake in use-cases at small, medium and large ports.

3. Port operation optimisation including the appropriate monitor of environmental-related activity.

3. Reduction of operational and infrastructural costs with better Port-City integration.

Keywords:Big data management, Model Orchestrator, Data Stream Processing.