Maritime ports concentrate, in direct link to their transport activities, logistics and industrial activities and interact with urban territories. PIXEL adheres to the principles of sustainable development, combining and balancing the requirements of environmental conservation, protection of individuals and economic development, and is in line with the EU’s ambition: a secure, competitive and decarbonised transport and energy system in 2050, associated with the port of the future.

Framed in achieving this new port concept in a very efficient way, PIXEL aims at achieving these objectives:

  • To meet local energy needs during the call of a ship in order to cope with renewable energy production the port must itself reduce its own carbon footprint,
  • To create and deploy a Port Environmental Index (PEI) to measure the efficiency of a port’s green policy, and of the supply chain connected to the port,
  • To analyse major traffic long term trends thanks to deeper port statistics analysis

Involved PIXEL ports are: Port of Bordeaux.