The PIXEL results will contribute to the following impacts as follows:

Reduction of impact on climate change and the environment of port activities.

The Port Environmental Index (PEI) will help in assessing and monitoring the overall environmental impact of ports and bring awareness on how different port activities affect the environment. In addition, PEI will enable inter-port comparisons with respect to environmental performance, as well as a clearer and concise environmental reporting.

Reduction of operational and infrastructural costs

The PIXEL approach will be similar to the strategy performed with Port Community System (PCS), which has proved its validity; but instead of focusing on electronic document interchanges, PIXEL will focus on the sharing and interchange of device and sensor data, by integrating existing PCS/PMS (Port Management System) and IoT Platforms.

Improvement of logistics efficiency

The overall efficiency will be increased in the ports where PIXEL work as operational data hub. Service and data interoperability and exchange among stakeholders will enable the adoption of new procedures and processes which will clearly impact on the whole logistics efficiency.

Better integration of the port in the surrounding socio-economic area, including city-port relations and the smart urban development of Port Cities

The PIXEL approach will include the participation of cities and regional governments in the operational data exchange to improve the indicators in both sides. PIXEL will look for the cooperation of port and city management and operational bodies by establishing a win-win relationship where all parts will improve their businesses by sharing operational information. 

Large scale adoption of the PIXEL solution and approach

One on the key principles in PIXEL will be the specification and design of the solution and methodology to enable a rapid large-scale adoption in all the European -and global- ports, with special focus on small and medium ports. PIXEL will be devoted to generalization of concepts and will seek for new collaborations in external ports.