PIXEL is the first modular solution combining strong methodology and smart technology for small and medium port ecosystems enabling optimization of operations through IoT while reducing environmental impact.

At par with a lack of tools for environmental impact assessment, an effective integration of operational data is far from optimal in the majority of ports. In addition to this, digitalization does not reach equally every ecosystem, creating considerable gaps between large and small ports. PIXEL addresses every of those issues by providing an easy-to-use open source smart platform for operational data interchange in ports and its associated agents (e.g. cities). The project expects to improve several indicators in varying use-cases (e.g. 5% in energy consumption, 6% average cost per passenger or 85%in average waiting time for vessels and trucks).

Furthermore, PIXEL provides tools and guidelines leveraging technology with a unique approach: creating a single environmental metric for ports and modelling and optimizing processes after gathering any information available.