In a Snapshot

PIXEL Business Innovation

As a technological solution, PIXEL will generate value in multiple ways, from financial benefits (e.g. cost savings and revenue) to social benefits (e.g. more efficient port transportation and better quality of port-city services) and, finally and the most significant, environmental benefits (giving an environmental damage control and monitoring tool).

Technical Approach

PIXEL, similarly to any other data integration and analysis solution from different heterogeneous sources and domains, requires a cooperation and business framework to balance the generated value and costs in a sustainable way across the involved stakeholders (principally, ports) to ensure sustainable operations. The core of the business and cooperation framework will lay in managing the collaboration of an ecosystem of multiple information sources as SCADA systems, PMS, IoT platforms, etc. trying to create a standardized environment orbiting around an information hub to collect any kind of port-related actors: ports, terminals, truck transport companies, fleet companies, public entities, smart city agents, etc.

Demonstration and Use

PIXEL progress beyond the state of the art regarding the different deployed use cases, deploying the proposed architecture, applying predictive algorithms, process advanced models and the Port Environmental Index of Ambition of the proposed use cases that concern:
The Energy Management Pilot
The Hinterland Intermodal Exchange Pilot
The Port-City Synergy Pilot
The transversal Environmental Control pilot